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Houdini (now 'Hudini)' Guest experience, Arowana Consulting Ltd.

Digitally enabling Hotels & the Hospitality Industry by creating a contactless, superlative, guest experience. Centralised guest experience hospitality App ‘Houdini (now Hudini)’, used for bookings and orders (restaurants, flights, in-room dining, etc.), room control system, check-in and check-out, feedback, Entertainment - VOD, MOD.


  • Created wireframes, storyboards, user flow diagrams

  • Worked with the development team in Agile methodology to create assets and deliverables.

  • Created Iterative prototypes

  • Designed Icons and other assets 

*Due to NDA and as a payroll employee, I am unable to show the process here. Some of the finalised screens for first release are as below:


Creative Coding - UI UX development - 

Interactive Database art (Initial state) :

Developed using Javascript with external libraries and HTML, this landing page is an entry point into my research project 'Liminal Space of Communication' containing several datasets collected during the research enquiring and exploring the space between non-verbal and verbal communication system and the scope of accessibility in the current interpersonal communication system.

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