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Artist Statement: 

I am an interdisciplinary artist and visual storyteller with a deep passion for unraveling the intricacies of human and non-human sounds and interpersonal communications. My creative pursuits span various mediums, including sound art, AI-based interactive installations, paintings, and films. Through my research and art practice, I have coined the term 'Liminal Space of Communication' to foreground the inconspicuous space that exists between verbal and non-verbal communication systems, aiming to explore and expand diversity and accessibility in interpersonal communications.


As an artist who stammers and experiences unilateral hearing loss, I use my art as a platform to initiate dialogues surrounding the cultural and social models of stammering and diversity regarding interpersonal communications. I consider myself a drifter between the worlds of verbal and non-verbal communication, with a floating identity, that enables me to explore a plethora of human expressions.


In my view, combining art and science enriches our grasp of sound and human interactions, fostering a richer understanding through tangible experiences. 



Artist Bio:

Vidya Lalgudi Jaishankar is a UK-based interdisciplinary artist and visual storyteller, born and raised in Tamil Nadu, India. Her work encompasses sound art, AI-based interactive installations, paintings, and films. 


As an artist who stammers and has hearing loss, she advocates for diversity and accessibility in interpersonal communication through her creative endeavours. 


With backgrounds in both technology and fine art, she believes in the explorational and experiential potential of combining art and science. She holds a master's degree in Arts & Science from Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts, London. Her master's research received a nomination for the MullenLowe Nova Award in 2023. In 2024, she was selected as one of the exhibiting artists in the prestigious Royal Watercolour Society Open (RWS Open 2024). 


She is a published children’s book illustrator. One of her significant collaborations was with Library For All, Australia, to illustrate a children’s book which is included in the collections of the National Public Library of Australia and the State Library of Victoria. She is also a featured artist in Interstice 2023, Art & Science Zine. 



2024, RWS (Royal Watercolour Society) open 2024, Bankside Gallery, London

2023, Bill of Health, curated by Lucy Chapman, Lethaby Window Gallery, London

2023, Postgraduate Show, CSM, UAL, London

2021, | Central Saint Martins MA Online Interim Exhibition | UAL, London


2021, MAAS Open Studio 2021,  as part of MA, Central Saint Martins, UAL, London


2020, Talented art fair, London

2019, IWS, Switzerland watercolour exhibition, Switzerland

2013, South Indian Art show

2013, Vision 360 Graduate show

2013, Art & Soul Gallery


Master of Arts & Science, Central Saint Martins, UAL, UK


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Bachelor of Information Technology, Tamil Nadu, India


2023, MullenLowe NOVA Award Nominee

2020, UAL International Postgraduate £5000 Scholarship

2016, Nebula Award, Arowana Consultancy Ltd.

2013, Chandra Ilango Art Foundation Jury Award, South Indian Art Exhibition, Chandra Illango Art Foundation

Publications & features:

  • 2023, Interstice , Art & Science Magazine, UAL 

  • 2021, FAD Magazine

  • 2019, A Friend In Watercolour, featured as Guest Artist on 

  • 2013, The eyes of the cavalcade! (translated), Kungumam Thozhi, Indian regional magazine, print edition: Jan ’13, online edition: Dec ‘12

  • 2013, An umbrella for young artists (The South Indian Art Exhibition), City Express, Chennai, Feb 2013

  • 2012, Article on Vision 360, Kungumam, Indian regional magazine, print edition: Nov ‘12

Private collections:

Port Trust, Chennai

Fairhaven , Massachusetts, USA

Ryde, United Kingdom

I started my fine art career as an Installation artist, specialising in the use of mathematics and optics in my artworks. Currently researching on the use of artificial intelligence in accessibility experience


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A creative technologist currently exploring areas of human communication  and assistive technology. As an artist, I believe in the process of creating new comprehensions to human communication and how they can be made more inclusive and omnivorous. As a technologist, I love to use tools to realise those comprehensions in a way that are perceptible to everyone.

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