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I make art that aims to communicate complex information and ideas to people, and to create a tangible impact on them. I use science as an evidential support to my artworks, and art along with technology as a medium of expression. My subject of work directly or indirectly talks about liberation and truth.

I started my fine art career as an Installation artist, specialising in the use of mathematics and optics in my artworks. I also work  in traditional art mediums including oils, watercolour creating predominantly landscape paintings


2021, | Central Saint Martins MA Online Interim Exhibition | UAL, London

2021, MAAS Open Studio 2021,  as part of MA, Central Saint Martins, UAL, London


2020, Exhibited in Talented art fair, London

2019, IWS, Switzerland watercolour exhibition, Switzerland

2013, South Indian Art show

2013, Vision 360 Graduate Show

2013, Art & Soul Gallery


  • 2021, FAD Magazine


  • 2019, A Friend In Watercolour, featured as Guest Artist on 

  • 2013, The eyes of the cavalcade! (translated), Kungumam Thozhi, Indian regional magazine, print edition: Jan ’13, online edition: Dec ‘12

  • 2013, An umbrella for young artists (The South Indian Art Exhibition), City Express, Chennai, Feb 2013

  • 2012, Article on Vision 360, Kungumam, Indian regional magazine, print edition: Nov ‘12

Private collections:

Port Trust, Chennai

Fairhaven , Massachusetts, USA

Ryde, United Kingdom


2013, Chandra Ilango Art Foundation Jury Award

2016, Nebula Award, Arowana Consultancy

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