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Taffy and the Not So Fantastic Plastic 

Written by Darcie Lott

Illustrated by Vidya Lalgudi Jaishankar 


Taffy and the Not So Fantastic Plastic is an entertaining and touching story about two seagulls, a crab and a sea lion all working together to solve one incredibly challenging task. Follow along as these unusual new friends show the readers that kindness, determination, and a little work can make an enormous difference. Be sure to read the "Fun Facts" to learn a little bit about the ocean animals in the story, the "Not so Fun Facts" to learn how plastic pollution is affecting these creatures of the sea and what we can do to help. Be on the lookout for a curious starfish who pops up throughout the story. Are you ready to do your part to keep that Not So Fantastic Plastic out of our ocean? Taffy and Friends thank you!

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