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Benny Beats His Shyness: Kids and Parents Overcoming Social Anxiety

Written by  Dr. Jonathan Kushnir and Rami Kushnir  |

Illustrated by Vidya Lalgudi Jaishankar 


This book tells Benny and his parents' story and how they worked together in beating Benny's social fears and anxiety. Their journey was not easy, and along the way, they had to overcome one challenge after another. The result was a dramatic change in Benny's ability to cope with his shyness. Today Benny can communicate with cubs and adults easily; he can speak in class and has a rich social life.

This book aims to engage children in overcoming their shyness and social anxiety while giving parents a roadmap for helping them through that process. This is done by using simple, proven, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies based on Dr. Kushnir's years of experience.

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