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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for deciding to participate in the art research project, tentatively titled as 'Bringing the language peripherals to the fore' .

About the research:
Spoken language is made of vowel sounds like ah, oh, oo(u), ee.. and
consonant sounds like /t/, /p/ and /s/.. 

This study explores the natural connections/associations we make between speech sounds (vowels) and meanings.  The human capability of making such cross-sensory associations dates back to pre-historic times. Through rumination of speech sounds and their cross-modal perception, this study is trying to bring the peripherals of language to the foreground.

About your participation:
You will be answering a few questions and making connections/associations in this experiment/exercise. The natural associations made by you will help the researcher to explore the possibilities of using these speech sounds to assist in a sentient communication system, thereby helping people with communication difficulties.

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