'Microplastics and Noise' - ongoing art project (first draft): 


Noise is omnipresent in the environment in the form of intrinsic audio and visual patterns. The analogical view of such noises (white, brownian and pink) as different types of microplastics, forms the narrative for this audio-visual art work. This project is currently in progress ©vidyaarts29@gmail.com. 

Audio created for this video (first draft) :

- Blue whale clicks and dolphin squeaks) were created using condoms and rulers.

- White, brownian and pink noises in the background were created using LDPE bags.


Other audio sources used:

The whale moaning sound files used are under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, in authorship of

 -Wilfredo R Rodriguez H (Humpback Whales and Dolphin moans) 

 -Spyrogumas (Humpback Whale song)  


'Microplastics and Noise' - ongoing art project (first draft): 

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